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Each year Darts BC holds Provincial Playdowns where players compete to be on the BC Provincial Team.

Top 8 women and Top 8 Men go on to compete at The Canadian Nationals.

Any player who is a resident of British Columbia may compete.

To compete each player must have a DARTS BC Membership and an NDFC membership (which can be obtained through Darts BC)

TEAM BC 2023

Darts BC 2023 Provincial Team Men
Screenshot 2023-03-01 15.55.42.png

Darts BC Provincial Team 2023 Men

(Right to Left)

1. Rory Hansen

2. Sean Smyth

3. Nelson Bacus

4. Dalton Desmerais

5. Brian Dean (front)

6. Tom Murphy

7. Garry Gooderham

8. Jeff McCollough

1st Alternate Ken Hwang

2nd Alternate Phil Seward

Darts BC Provincial Team 2023 Women

(Right to Left)

1. Mandy Flek

2. Donna Bisaro

3. Kim Bellay - Rousselle

4. Dawn Marchand

5. Suzie Letrud

6. Meghan Orr

7. Chantel Wynia

8. Kelsea Gallagher

1st Alternate Barb Csinos

2nd Alternate Colleen Roberts

2023 Provincial Play-downs Men's Results

2023 Mens Provincial Results (1)_edited_

2023 Provincial Play-down Notable Acheivements

2023 Provincial Play-downs Women's Results

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