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BC Executive 2024 Nomination period ended on March 6. 
Voting will commence on March 12 for 2 weeks (Closing March 26).
An email to invite members to vote has been sent to all DBCA members  that we have an email for. 
Voting is anonymous and secure.

you will be asked to choose one candidate for each of the following positions:
Kim Bellay Rousselle
Matt D'Angelo

Membership Director:
Meghan Orr
Rosaria Higgins
Selena Hansen
If you did not receive an email and are a member of darts BC and would like to vote,  please email Bobbi-Jo Moore at

Let us introduce the nominees:
President Nominees:

Kim Bellay-Rousselle
I started playing darts in BC in the late 1990’s, and was on Team BC for the first time in 2004. Being part of team BC and representing Canada through the years has allowed me to understand not only what goes into making a great team but also what makes a great executive. I have been in the President position for the past two years and I am grateful for the opportunity and collaboration that takes place within the Executive. We continue to learn and develop together, share ideas, and always have the best intentions for the Darts BC membership. I would be happy to be voted in for a second term and no matter the outcome I know the Executive will continue to work towards the success of Darts in BC.

Matt D'Angelo
I'm Matt D'Angelo, currently residing in Victoria with my wife and two boys. A member of Darts BC since 2019, I have over 20 years of experience in the healthcare software industry as a now retired software executive. Playing darts seriously since 2012, I've represented Team Northern Ontario four times (2015, 16, 18, 19) and Team BC twice (2020-alt, 2022).
Passionate about darts and about British Columbia, I aim to lead Darts BC with integrity and transparency, enhancing competitive opportunities while preserving the spirit of sportsmanship.
Let's unite Darts BC, honouring the past as we embrace the future. With my blend of professional expertise, personal dedication to the sport, I believe I'm the ideal candidate for President of Darts BC. I would be grateful for your support.

Membership Director Nominees:

Meghan Orr
As the current acting Membership Director of  Darts BC since 2018, I have shown dedication to the Darts BC Association.  I bring over 20 years of experience as a player in both tactics and 501. I have proudly represented the BC provincial team three times since becoming a member in 2015. My commitment to the sport and proven track record make me a strong candidate for the position of Membership Director.

Rosaria Higgins
Bio will be posted soon

Selena Hansen

I am a long standing member of Darts Victoria l(as a member in good standing and President for a few years ) and been a member of Darts BC for quiet a few as well, been the secretary for a year.

I have been a president of Victoria Women’s Dart League in Victoria as well. I would be honoured to be voted in to the Membership Director’s position by my fellow members of Darts BC.

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