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2018 Canadian Nationals BC Team Shirt Design

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Congratulations to Eric Clarke on winning the 2018 Canadian Nationals BC Team Shirt Design Contest.  Stay tuned for the final design.  We would like to do this again next year, so start designing now. 

Your Darts BC Executive 


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This is to notify all Darts BC Members that the AGM will be held on Friday, February 16, 2018 at the Comfort Inn & Suites (Bakerview Room) @ 8255 -166th Street in Surrey BC. The sign in is from 6:15-6:30PM - Start time 6:30 PM sharp. The Darts BC Association bylaws have been amended based on items that have come up over the last few AGMs. Please find links to  the:  Blacklined Version and the Cleaned Version  for you to review in advance of the meeting. Any questions please feel free to reach out to the Darts BC Executive at dbca.executive@gmail.com 

Reminder: DARTS BC FUNDRAISER JANUARY 19th and 20th

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Design the 2018 Canadian Nationals BC Team Shirt

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!st Prize  - $1,000.00 - Judy Sharhbi
2nd Prize  - $500.00 - Chris Mackie
3rd Prize - $250.00 - Ben Perkins
4th Prize - $200.00 - Gen Stepura
5th Prize - $100.00 - Andrea Vanson 

Congratulations to the winners. A huge thank you to all the people that sold and bought the tickets to support Darts BC.  Much appreciated. 

Your Darts BC Executive 


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Dear Dart BC Members,

It is getting very close to the Annual AGM which is being held at Comfort Inn & Suites (Bakerview Room) at 8255-166th Street in Surrey BC on Friday, February 16th at 6:30 PM.

The Bylaws have been updated and will be distributed prior to the AGM.

We are currently working on the Agenda and if anyone has any New Business they would like to bring up as part of the Agenda please contact us at dbca.executive@gmail.com.


Your Darts BC Executive


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Fall 2017 Cash Raffle

posted Sep 13, 2017, 11:39 PM by Mike Davis

Raffle Poster can be found HERE

Committee Call

posted Aug 5, 2017, 11:37 AM by Mike Davis

Call for Committee Members 

Your Darts BC Executive is requesting volunteers to join one of our newest committees.
For anyone able to assist, please consider putting your name forward, or nominating someone to be part of a committee and help shape the future for darts in BC.

We’ve had success with meeting over Skype ourselves, along with email and text, so anyone across BC can be part of these exciting new committees, and we hope you will be interested in helping us out.

Fundraising Committee

We are looking for people who are interested in fundraising, and have some fundraising ideas to share, or simply wish to help in any way.

Our hope is that we can come up with some fundraising strategies that can be done province wide. This will be an integral part in helping to build up Darts BC, and to raise funds to assist our BC Teams (Adult and Youth) with the annual costs to the Canadian National Championships.
  • If interested Please contact Jeanette McKay at 604-543-8418 or email dbca.pdir@gmail.com
  • Or, submit a volunteer form online here

Social Communications Committee

This committee is one for those who are up on the latest forms of communicating, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Email, Websites, Blogging, SMS messaging, and more.
Older forms of communication, yet still valid, include phoning, letter writing, meetings, and talking to each other directly.

Committee members would work with the webmaster and executive to integrate such technologies or assist with running them in parallel.
Sharing photos, sending out messages to members, & receiving input from them is an area we would like assistance with, as there are so many methods available now.
  • If interested Please contact Jeanette McKay at 604-543-8418 or email dbca.pdir@gmail.com
  • Or, submit a volunteer form online here
Please consider volunteering a bit of your time for these important committees, and help us all move forward with promoting darts in BC.

*NOTE: We are also looking for any volunteers to assist with the Youth Development program and some members to be part of the Disciplinary Committee.

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