2019 Executive Elections

The results are in!

At the 2017 AGM, it was decided to have an online election for executive positions, so a greater number of members from around BC may be involved in the process. At the 2018 AGM our bylaws and constitution were ratified with the corrections needed to start with the electronic voting this year.

A valid email address is needed to receive an official voter code.

~Please submit your email voter registration here.

~Also, to nominate someone for a position, please use this online nomination form.

(Nominee's will need to be contacted to confirm that they will stand for the position)

~Nomination List Here

Up for Nominations

  • Provincial Director - 2 Year Term
  • Secretary - 2 Year Term
  • Financial Director - 2 Year Term
  • Webmaster - 2 Year Term
  • Membership Director (Interim) - 1 Year Term

Responsibilities of the Directors: (can also be found in the Bylaws)

Provincial Director - 6.13

6.13 The Provincial Director shall:

(a) Submit a complete report of the operations and conditions of Darts BC to the members at the AGM each year

(b) Be the primary contact between the members and the NDFC

(c) Lead in the organization and logistics of sending players to represent Darts BC at the Adult National Championship

(d) Assume the lead role and work closely with the Executive regarding fundraising for Darts BC.

Financial Director - 6.16

6.1 6 The Financial Director shall:

(a) Be responsible for any monies collected, dispersed or invested by Darts BC

(b) Keep a true account of all monies collected, dispersed or invested by Darts BC

(c) Keep receipts for all expenditures which have taken place

(d) Keep a true account of all assets and liabilities of Darts BC

(e) Prepare and distribute a financial report monthly to the Executive and make available to membership upon request

(f) Be custodian of all financial books, papers and records of Darts BC

(g) Assume the lead role and work closely with the Executive in efforts to get government funding for Darts BC (h) Provide a monthly backup of all electronic files to the Secretary no later than the 15th day of each month.

Membership Director - 6.17

6.1 7 As Membership Director:

(a) Prepare and complete a directory of all Darts BC Members (including youth players) with the following particulars:

(i) The full name, address, telephone number and email for each Darts BC Member (if available) (ii) The date on which a Member is suspended or expelled as a member of Darts BC (iii) The date on which a Member is re-instated as a Member in Good Standing of Darts BC (iv) Collect and supply membership to the NDFC as per their guidelines

Webmaster - 6.19

6.1 9 The Webmaster shall:

(a) Be responsible for the setup, maintenance and updating of the website

(b) Ensure that all information is posted on the website in a timely manner

(c) Preserve all Darts BC historical facts and statistics

(d) Ensure the Darts BC webpage is available and kept online

(e) Be a permanent Sub-Committee Member of the Zone/Disciplinary Sub-Committee

Secretary - 6.20

6.20 The Secretary shall:

(a) Record minutes of all Executive meetings and distribute copies as required to the Directors and membership as requested

(b) Register and file all annual reports of Darts BC

(c) Assist with any mailings (including emailing) and correspondence as required.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the us at dbca.executive@gamail.com

Thank you..