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Provincials Registration Information

posted Jan 4, 2016, 9:46 PM by Mike Davis

“To all Dart Players in BC.

We have had some people interested in participating in the Provincial Playdowns. The problem that has been expressed is that they will not know if they can do so until the last minute or at the very least the day before the start of the Provincials. In the last meeting we just had as an Executive, we are proposing the following that might help with this.

Pre-Register for the Provincials but not pay for it until the day of arrival. The only request we have in doing it this way is that IF you are NOT able to attend the playdowns, we HAVE to been contacted by 12:00noon on the Friday start date. This will still allow us time to make up the sheets for the playdowns and get everything in motion.

The Contacts for this action will be either Curtis McPhie @ 604-603-8785 or Ray Bode @604-725-9188